Photos: Race to the stones 2014

A serious carb-loading sesh, pre-race


Kit at the ready

Keeping warm and trying to contain my giddy excitement. Seriously, I love my running vest, makes me feel so ‘pro’. Ish.


Half the @rtts100 #ultrababes lined up, ready to tackle the race


Evocative forest through Grim’s Ditch


(Almost) halfway - crossing the 48k finish line.


Ready to take on #onemomile after some pasta, pizza and blister treatment. Don’t underestimate the power of things like fave t-shirts and matching water bottles :)


Before my Garmin packed in at around 66k (and my pace dropped severely).


These were the *smallest* hail stones, just as the crazy, electrical storm downpour started. I repeat, the *smallest*. Most were the size of large grapes.


From thundery rainstorms to golden fields in a flash


Between the golden fields above and this photo a lot happened. Somewhere along the way I failed on the nutrition / hydration / painkiller front and my belly got seriously unhappy with me, forcing me to walk for at least 10k. Hannah found me walking and joined me at a walking pace until I could run again. What a star. The next 25k was spent encouraging each other through darkness and overtaking desolate runners, willing their tired bodies along a dark, slippery clay path, as we found our stride together. And then we crossed the finish line, together.


What a journey.

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Kabuki Race Report - This Race Was Personal

Kabuki’s story gave me goose bumps - powerful determination


When I entered Race to the Stones, I wanted to see whether I could shorten the time it took me to complete my prior 100k from London to Brighton of 18:56 where the emphasis would be switching from walking with some running to running with some walking. I trained, I planned and I quietly…

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(Almost) halfway - 48k in and before it got really tough (and started hailing lumps of ice the size of grapes) #rtts14 #rtts100 #cpwracetothestones

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Ready to rumble! @cat_simpson and @hannahlouisewalsh all smiles at the start line @rtts100 #rtts100 #cpwracetothestones @thenorthfaceeu

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We finished in the dark but we finished strong.100k done and feeling so proud of @hannahlouisewalsh and the rest of the @rtts100 team. What an epic journey that was! #rtts100 #rtts14 #CPWracetothestoned

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Pre-race thoughts


Has July ever come around quickly!?! It turns out that Iā€™m running 100km really soon. Tomorrow, in fact, uh-huh.

I feel ready - as ready as Iā€™m going to be, anyway. Since running 50k a month ago I have had this mental itch to just get it over with. Not that I want it to just happen and go away, but rather I really want to just run this thing, now, experience what this crazy super-run is going to feel like!

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We start in Chinnor #rtts100 #rtts14

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Maja: Training Blog


With 4 weeks to go before running 100km, that Sunday was meant to be a solid run, and so it became. This is the furthest I have ever run.

I had signed up for the inaugural Run Hackney half marathon, thinking that Iā€™d use it as a long run for my training, possibly running a bit…
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Susie on nutrition

Useful info for an ultra novice like me…


Nutrition. Making sure you are doing this well for running is very important.

..for Ultras it is essential.

There is a bit of difference fuelling for a half marathon or marathon, and for a longer run. When I started running, I dabbled with gels and energy drinks. These work very well for a…

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The inimitable @sorrellwalsh. She, who runs scorching 1.28 half marathons. She’s my hero too. #rtts100 #running #runninghero #rundemcrew #runhackney

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It’s no problem to run 50km with crew like this. Massive shout out to @fehrtrade for pacing me through the Hackney Half in serious heat and @cwschnohr for inspiration. And #cheerdemcrew are the shizz - big ups! #runhackney #rtts100 #ultratraining #rundemcrew #running

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Run commute kit extraordinaire. Never thought I’d be using an ultra vest pack as a purse on my lunch break. #hereweare #rtts100 #runcommute #running #thenorthface #ultratraining

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Run for the hills. #devon #dartmoor #running #rtts100 #runlonger #longerdays #ultratraining

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We can play šŸ€ Future Stars ā­ ‘93. Shooting hoops in the States in a sleepy Mid-west town, cementing my lucky number 13 for good. The ‘92 Dream Team have a lot to answer for. #basketball #wecanplay #futurestars #faveTshirt #nostalgia

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